Wedding Flowers – Choosing The Right Flowers For the Big Day

Wedding flowers are something that you cannot miss in any wedding ceremony today. If you are the bride-to-be, you know that getting the right wedding flowers is as important as your wedding gown. For the groom-to-be,  your beloved wife will always cherish you if you take the time and effort to choose the right wedding flowers together.

But what sort of flowers would be best suited for the big day? These days wedding flowers are more than just buying a bouquet of red roses. Remember, this is not the same as buying flowers for Valentine’s Day. Buying flowers for the wedding day is not only about the hand bouquet for the bride. You need to also plan wedding flowers based on where they are going to be used.

Wedding Flowers Checklist

Here’s a quick check list for various uses of wedding flowers:

  • Wedding flowers for reception area
  • Bridal bouquet
  • Bridesmaid bouquets
  • Nice petals for the flower girls
  • Corsages for the mothers
  • Boutonnieres for the groom, the parents, groomsmen and ushers
  • Flowers for the table where your wedding cake is placed
  • Wedding flowers for the car
  • Flowers for the banquet
  • Flowers for church pews / decor

Once you have decided where you want your wedding flowers to be placed, you begin the process of choosing the type of flowers that will make both of you happy.

Choose something that you both feel good about or flowers that suit your personality. Go through with your florist the various samples that are being offered. Look at the colour to suit your wedding theme.

The key thing is to take your time and look through as many photographs as you can find. You will eventually find the style that suits both the bride and groom.

When you have a rough idea on the style of wedding flowers you like, you can start deciding on the type of flowers and colours that would be appropriate for your style. You can also choose the type of flowers based on the meanings they represent. For example, red roses stand for true love and babies’ breath signify the purity of the heart.

Choosing the right wedding flowers for the big day is really important as it can help make the wedding function a more memorable and pleasant event.

One last tip – it’s good to find a friendly florist that not only knows her wedding flowers but also show a lot of interest in making your wedding day a memorable one!

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